Scentsy Consultant

Hello there! Welcome to my first blog post! For my first blog I wanted to talk about a company I work with. Scentsy!

If you have never heard of Scentsy, where have you been living?! Haha. Scentsy is a company that makes wax bars, wax warmers, essential oils, oil diffusers, cleaning products, laundry products, and even sprays! I have used their products for years and have never had a complaint! Their wax warmers/tart burners are safe to leave on when you leave the house and all the warmers come with a lifetime warranty.


The wax bars Scentsy makes (1 bar containing 8 cubes) truly smell amazing and last! I would recommend Scentsy to everyone! Even if you are no into wax warmers the sprays and car scents are phenomenal.


The new oil diffusers are also stunning! Here is a picture of my favorite below!


That is why I decided to join the Scentsy team as an Independent Consultant! I love, trust and show off this company!!! If you are interested in joining my team or buying some Scentsy products just follow the link below!

Buy Scentsy!