Pet Sitting vs. Boarding

Let’s compare and contrast the two!



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What is boarding? Boarding is when you take your dog or cat to a kennel while you are away. When it comes to boarding your pet will be surrounded by other animals, who they may or may not get along with. This is big because although your pet may get along with everyone, their might be a pet at the boarding facility that isn’t so friendly. You’ll tell yourself that the kennel owner will test every animal and not allow aggressive pets. Well, sorry to tell you, they WILL. I have worked at a pet boarding facility and let me tell you something, most kennel owners are all about the money and not about the pets. There were a handful of dogs who would constantly attack or start fights with the other dogs, leading to bleeding, injuries and distress. But do you think the woman I worked for truly cared? Don’t you think she would contact both owners to let them know what happened? You’d believe that she would tell the owner of the aggressive dog who has countless times hurt other dogs that the facility isn’t the right place for the dog. Well, you’d be wrong my friend. She told neither of the owners what happened. The owner of the hurt dog was told, “we have no idea what happened, sorry.” And of course the owner of the grumpy dog was told nothing. When I asked a co-worker who had been working at the boarding facility for a few years why, she responded, “Because all she cares about is money. She won’t turn down a dog, even if it fails the behavior test, all because she wants is the money.” I also want to take the time to say that this facility was also a doggy daycare. Another law that was continuously broken, that very much bothered me, was the dog to human ratio. One person should not have more than 10 dogs in their group, if here are more you need an extra person to help supervise. There were times I was looking after groups of 15 to 21 dogs! It would really get my anxiety going because I felt it was very unsafe(not just to have that many dogs together but to myself!) and unfair! Unfair in the sense that how are you suppose to give 18 dogs each some individual attention? Unfair to me to put the pressure of making sure 20 dogs all get along. By law, if reported because of the dog to human ratio this dog daycare and boarding would be fined and/or shut down.The facility I did work at did allow new owners to walk through out the whole building o see every room including the outdoor areas where the dogs play. Now, I am not sure about the law on this but the other dog daycare/boarding facility in my area does NOT allow walk troughs of their building! I spoke to a current client who use to work for this particular boarding facility and he openly told me that this was true. That the owner was adamant about not letting owners get a look around the building. He informed me that a lot of the workers, including the owners, were quite lazy, letting the poor dogs run around inside in their own pee and feces. I honestly have no idea how this particular dog boarding facility is still open but I feel like it needs to be shut down fast. I mean, as a true dog lover and owner would you trust a place that didn’t let you look around and it always smelled like piss when you entered the building?

Some things I did like about the dog daycare/boarding facility I worked at was how much room it had for dogs to play outside. There were different areas for different sizes, ages and temperaments. The other dog daycare had no outdoor areas for the dogs to run and play. Another nice feature at my former place of employment was it had cameras around that owners could access from computers to see what their pooches are up to(all these cameras were outside, none inside). HOWEVER, I am not sure if the link was actually ever given out or if owners ever cared to check but I will tell you something, the reason I quit that job. There was a girl there, who apparently had been working there for 4 years, who would hurt the dogs! Now, I don’t care about spanking a dog’s rump or a soft boop on the nose but this girl literally would kick the dogs. She would twist the dogs back legs, punch then with hard dog toys(like the jolly balls), smack the dogs with leashes! It was very upsetting. When another co-worker of mine went to the owner a couple times about what he witnessed the young girl do, NOTHING was done. He was, of course, called the liar. Now, after speaking to the two other females who had been there a couple years working with the girl, they opened right up to me. Telling me she has always been mean to the dogs and doesn’t know why she still has a job here.

So again, if for 4 years this girl has been there harming the dogs and there are working cameras, why is she still employed? Why hasn’t a dog owner watched the live footage and seen any of this? Makes zero sense to me.

Another major thing I want you to know if you chose to board your pet, your pet will be left alone all night. Yes, the facility lies(at least the two in my area) and will tell you someone is with them all night. Your dog will sit in a kennel/crate all alone wondering why its owners left it there with all these barking dogs.

If after reading this section you still want to board your pet(s), go for it! It’s your choice, but please be very careful and thorough about picking the best boarding facility.


Pet Sitting


What is pet sitting? Pet sitting is where an individual will come into your home and watch your pet(s) for you! Its convenient for both you and your furry friend. The pet sitter drives to you saving you gas and time. A pet sitter is also able to give your pet(s) individual attention and care that is hard to get when you send your dog away to a kennel. Your pet will enjoy staying in the comfort of its own home, having basically no to little interference into its daily routines. Pet sitting is perfect for dogs who don’t get along with other dogs, senior dogs who may get trampled at a daycare facility, special needs pets who need to be watched closely and puppies who aren’t old enough to be around other dogs.A pet sitter can take your dog(s) to a private dog park for socialization, trips to Petco or Tractor Supply, field trips to ongoing pet friendly events like Doggy Splash day at a local pool, etc. A pet sitter can take your pet to and from a grooming or vet appointment. Not only that but your pet sitter looks after your house for you! Looking lived in, cleaning, bringing in your mail, watering plants, etc. I understanding trusting a stranger in your home is scary, but if you do your research right and ask around especially to friends and neighbors I’m sure you’ll find a couple people to interview about being your perfect pet sitter. Another thing I’ve noticed that turn people to boarding instead of a pet sitter is the cost. Most pet sitters will charge more than you’d pay at a kennel, however, this is what I want you to understand.

First off, your pet sitter is driving to you. That cost gas to the pet sitter, but saves you gas and time. Some of the money you pay the pet sitter will go towards their food while you are away, including buying any treats or toys for your pet. Here is an example with my prices.I charge $50 for one night. If you are gone for two days, one night I only earn $50. First off, $20 of that will go towards my meals. $15 will then go towards gas in my car. After just those I only have $15 left. So please, think about this the next time you want to complain about a pet sitters prices being too high.Also remember, a lot of better things in life are pricey! Just like the best dog food is more expensive, because its better(or at least it should be lol). Just like filet mignon cost more because its the best steak you can get. Your pet sitters prices may be higher because they have more experience, maybe are certified in pet first aid and CPR, and have a lot of great references.

If you are still nervous, you can buy yourself a web cam. That way you can check in on your pet sitter and pet(s) at any time.


So who wins, in my opinion, of Pet Sitting vs. Boarding?



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